Bad Passion(s)

I logged in this evening and first thing to hear in Ventrilo: “Do NOT undock, fourty remote rep battleship gang in system!”

I thought: Oookay. Some minutes later I and Crania joined this gang – as they were German, too – we moved to Oddelulf and had some fun camping random gates. So we stood there at Hedaleolfarber gate while four or five of our battleships tried to get an engagement with some locals. They failed.

Same with our scout: “Uhm … planet IX … that’s eleven.” I love scouts who cannot read roman numbers. Really.

Whatsoever, minutes later we docked in Oddelulf to take a break. The moment we warped there from the Gelfiven gate intel reported an incoming gang, mainly Electus Matari and some friends of theirs. We immediatly warped back there, engaged and  got blobbed by three carriers. We managed to get some kills, but lost much more, even Crania’s Dominix and pod … more than 50,000,000 ISK in bounty gone. Oh dear!

I laid final blow on a Drake and podded – before the Electus Matari blob came – a afk Thrasher. It was worth the while, though I needed several attempts to finish him off: Hammerheads didn’t hit him, same with blasters. So I had to take out the light drones and as the gang’s laughter filled the TS, he finally popped.

As the FC said ‘I said NO podding’ I collected the corpse and was happy with it. This much to flying afk through lowsec.

As we retreated from the gate I had a disconnect. I heard on TS: “Don’t shoot the Myrmidon! Don’t shoot it! It’s friendly!” I feared I’d be popped when I log in again, but they reacted fast enough, not even my armor was scratched.

Nice eveninig, BaPa, had a lot of fun – though it definitly was too short.


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