Blob or get blobbed

During the last days I faced several near-to-death situations. Firstly with my new alt and future mining character. Well, it was in an encounter I scanned out so nothing worth mentioning.

Next was in a fight with two battlecruisers: Our tackling Ishtar warped in and got vaporized in an instant – before I even landed in the belt … following this they shot me into half structure, fortunately our remote repping Dominix arrived in that very moment and saved me…

One Ishtar lost, two battlecruisers killed. I’d say I should’ve warped in first – obviously I have some more base hitpoints to survive long enough for the Domi to lock me. But … shit happens.

Today I killed a haulerspawn in Aeditide, and as our corp’s  Iteron came in to scoop the minerals, a Ishkur paid us a visit. At 50 clicks … but in the next second a flashy Ishkur followed, from the other side. That’s a target! We closed in and engaged.

Some minutes before the engagement my mate said something like “I suspect here are some guys in recons …” – you know what warped in now.

A Pilgrim. My cap was gone the moment he locked me and now following Kitsune jammed me. I didn’t even kill the Ishkur which was in structure when I got jammed – damn it again.

I warped out in pod, Crania in his Arbitrator get out alive, and I instantly fitted a new Vexor. Callsign: Ἀθηνᾶ.

For all those of you who are not capable of reading Greek: Google it, just as I googled it. Google is your friend! Use your friends! (*evil laugh*)


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