Killmailwhoring at its best

Why are sundays always this packed with events? We started our afternoon with some normal hacking sites, I played the salvager. Nothing special, we got some raw materials for booster production. As we farmed them in Aeditide, our Vagabond got a Hurricane in Egbinger – at planet. It moved on to the next planet, our Vaga followed him and pointed him there. With overloaded scrambler he tried to stay out of webrange – successfully. Well, at least the Cane didn’t web him when he was too near.

Unfortunately I was sitting in my Catalyst, without any aggressive modules, otherwise I would have whored myself on the mail. So I had to switch into my Vexor but I came far too late to get another kill.

You know what we scanned except some sites? A mining Myrmidon. Yes, mining, with T2 Mining Lasers and T2 Mining Drones. We ganked him. If we had waited some more seconds, we would have ganked a whole gang as they scanned out the Myrm at the same time. The Cheetah of theirs even got itself onto our mail …

So we continued with scanning sites when our scanner found a wormhole. We got ourselves a Dominix/HAC gang plus my salvaging ship and a blockade runner and let ourselves get sucked into unknown space. As it was our first time in w-space – for most of us – we only tried the anomalies, scooped some loot and salvage and got out of the hole without any losses.

The loot looks really promising – though there aren’t any more or less fixes prices for them. Lets see, what it is worth.

We even tried to gank an Anshar, but the pilot logged off at station … sniff.

A while after this Fema, still in his Vaga, met another Vaga at a gate – it refused a kind of 1v1 and moved out to B-VIP where we already had a cloaked scout. The Vaga was killed by a Foundation blob some minutes later. No comment on this.

And again, only minutes later, some guy accepted an 1o1 with someone of Foundation, just as the blob was waiting next system. Unfortunately he got away, but basically this was the point when the local derailed.

“Cane in top belt!” Our Ishtar pointed it, we warped there and popped it really fast.

Its corp came to help the pilot. Falcon, Ishkur, Dominix, Hawk. We pointed most of them, but as the Dominix came in we warped out – trying to avoid a whole blob of battleships.

After that we got smacked. Wonderful transition to Local Chatter II, isn’t it?


Later we engaged them in top belt again. They were waiting for us, obviously. We got their Dominix, Megathron, Thorax and Falcon.

They got our Cerberus and my Vexor … was fun though, both of us warped back in new ships (Tarent in a Condor!) and joined the fight again.

Congrats, Fluidic Anti-Gravity, good fight!


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