The never ending crusade against the evil

This afternoon I tried to gank a Crusader. You know, this interceptor thingy. Well, I failed.

I managed to not get killed, but it was quite close after all, I manoeuvred myself between the asteroids – the interceptor bumped into the rocks and my drones fired some salvoes on its hull. Two seconds later he was in half armour and burned away, out of range. To bad I didn’t have the chance to web and scram him.

If he had flown manually he could have avoided the Veldspar and teared me apart … veeeeery sloooowly but in the end my cap boosters would’ve ran out. We chatted for some time, I tried to recruit him, he refused and each of us hied his way.


A bit later me and a mate roamed through Molden Heath and Metropolis. We got one Ishkur on our way out of Molden, a second later it got reinforcements in form of a Drake. Just in the moment it popped it warped in the belt so we could get out early enough (the Drake even attacked me but either forgot to point me or just forgot to fit a point at all …).

As I approached the assault frigate I realized I still have to learn flying frigates with microwarpdrive in a proper way, I shot beyond the frigate, even out of webbing range – that shouldn’t happen in a serious fight unless I want to die  …

Well, we popped and podded a poor Thrasher somewhere in Heimatar – not a bad fitting after all – and then jumped on a bait Thorax. He shot RnY’s Ishkur into structure, but I held the Thorax with web and scram so RnY could escape the Hammerhead’s deadly grip. As we warped out, there was a reinforcement again, this time a flashy Brutix.

We chatted in local for a while, repaired his structure damage and then moved back to Egbinger.


Entering Molden Heath we found a container advertising a Molden Heath intel channel. We gave it a try and really, they reported bad guys like us. We are even on the “bad guys” list of Electus Matari, so, let’s give it a yarrrr:


And now you!


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