Learning to calculate by counting warp core stabs

Monday was a very productive day for our corp, which means we had a lot of fun with a reinforced POS. Not, what you think, I mean we ganked a remoterep Typhoon.

I scanned down Rupture and Exequror at the POS a long time before we had the phoon on scan, so no one of us expected to find them at a reinforced POS repairing some modules… we just recognized the POS’es status as I warped there to see what they were doing and was immediately attacked by the modules.

We decided to ambush the battleship so RnY jumped in his Pilgrim and waited for the Typhoon to return to the POS. He decloaked and locked it, we warped in just to see the battleship warp out. Uhm … he fitted warp core stabs?

Pilgrim docked and refitted, now equipped with two Scrams. Makes four points. He again lurked at the POS under his cloak, then attacked our precious prey. The Phoon still warped away. Uhm … a LOT of stabs!

We were afraid the phoon had fitted all seven of its lowslots with stabs … but we had to give it a try. The Pilgrim pilot replaced the tracking disruptor by a third scrambler and waited at the POS again. We decided this would be the last time … and it really was our last try. The phoon warped in again, six points neutralized any warp strength, we came and popped it. Finally.

We blew off our steam by shooting one module into deep armor and tried a few times to get hold of the newly arrived Scimitar, but its pilot was overly attentive and went back into Forcefield every time our Pilgrim engaged. Best thing: the POS’s reinforced timer ends just some hours after downtime, so … could be interesting to see some fights there, in combination with (definitely coming) Apocrypha bugs.

Worst thing: I lost my first ship during my time in Armageddon Day. A Atron. In a brave fight against the sentries. Damn, I could kick myself for that … I undocke the frig to scout forgetting that I still suffered from global aggression … goodbye, ‘Salvagebitch’.


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