Please note: empty spaceships don’t give any killmails

This afternoon we decided to have some fun and got ourselves in some T1/T2 frigates. I for myself flew an Incursus, we also got Ishkur and Condor, basicly just what was to be found in some dusty corners of our hangars.

We barely moved out of Egbinger as we found our first prey: a ratting Rifter, it died pretty fast under our combined fire. As we waited for our global criminal countdown to expire we engage in some chatter with the Rifter pilot. After some back and forth in our gang we decided to take him with us, four frigates do more damage than three.

The next hour was quite uneventful. We roamed till Oddelulf and neighbouring Istodard pocket, but we got nothing except systems full of docked guys or POSes with masses of ships under their forcefield. Our Ishkur pilot left us, and we went back in a threesome.

In Aedald we turned down to Derelik eager so see how life goes there sunday evening. We started with an Imicus in Ubtes, which obviously tried to scan something down. I’d say we were faster though.

Next target was Astabih, where we came to stumble over an Foundati0n cyno. We warped there – it was in the middle of space, at some kind of safespot, nothing like a POS or a station near – and shot the Kestrel, which opened the cyno field. Before the Carrier or whatever was going to come through it, actually came through. I really don’t know, how many cyno frigs my corp has already killed, we’re always open for more …

Having fun at their cost we went back towards Egbinger. In Aedald I got an 1v1 with a Merlin, which I probably would have lost, wouldn’t our Condor have disobeyed my order to don’t interfere with the fight … I apologised for what happened and we moved on (actually we podded the Merlin’s pilot and I got my first player bounty!).

We took a break in Egbinger and the Rifter pilot, the one we killed first, left us, too.

Next route was up to Aeditide, through the pocket of Kadlina and Hegfunden until Osvetur. We idled on safespots trying to pin down potential targets when I recognized there were some ships at a moon. Without POS.

I warped there and discovered two Mammoths, a Rifter and a Shuttle, all without pilots. We killed them all,  grabbing the loot and fuming at the fact that we didn’t get any killmails although we had global aggression. Afterwards I thought we should have left a secure container with some kind of message to the owners of the now lost ships … but it was to late.

Killmailwhoring at its best!


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