“We kill pirates!”

Yesterday we paid a visit to Heild. There was a Drake at the gate but it didn’t attack us. So we warped back to the station, just to see a Harpy and a flashy Caracal standing there. I warped on safe, our cloaker tried to get a point on the Caracal, as it was far out of docking range.

Seconds before he was near enough it warped away. After we hung around for some minutes, waiting to get a call “POINT!”, we decided to roam further along Molden’s lowsec roundabout. But just as we fell out of warp at the next gate, there was this Drake. And the flashy Caracal, at range again.

Our Curse burned towards the Caracal and got point on it at more than 30km – nice one! I would have liked to see the face of the pilot as some flashy Curse points him, just as he starts to align – it popped quite fast and we evaded further contact with Drake and now added Harpy. One of us got aggression as he attacked the Drake, so we waited for global to run out.

Then it happened: Our Cerberus was attacked! He stood directly at the planet, so no wonder, but it were the very same guys, whom we freed of this Caracal.

Drake and Arazu. Arazu was called primary and popped fast, Drake went down just a bit slower.

Then they warped in Harpy and Blackbird at 100km, our Vagabond burned towards them, both Blackbird and Harpy popped in short succession. We scooped the loot (though mainly crappy modules) and salvaged the T2 wrecks and called it a day.

As we regrouped later in Heild, after we roamed through Istodard and neighbouring systems, we discovered a anchored container some hundred kilometers away from gate: “We kill pirates!”

Guess, which corp it belongs to?


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