Local Chatter I


Femaref as our boss
SlavesChild as some guy in local
Krozix as consequential z3r0 Gravity guy
RnY IX as flashy mate
Triksterism as z3r0 Gravity Broadsword pilot with Navy Mega and Muninn in hangar, he  also has only Caps and a gruesome accent
Gau Kushman as sympathic Axiom guy
Ashnazg as baiting arda Vexor
Tarent Jar as arda Cerberus

Act I – Knowing what not to say

SlavesChild > help
Femaref > more like welp
Femaref > o/

Arda protagonists warp into belt and pop a ratting Harbinger.

Krozix > Fem that guy was like a month old that was mean
Krozix > lol
Femaref > as I told you yesterday: put up – or shut up.
RnY IX > dont smack, undock ;)
Ashnazg > oh sry. you should write something like “i am noob” in your bio … perhaps we’ll read it next time … :)
Femaref > and btw, how can he be 1 month old, if he is 4 months in his corps?
Krozix > wow all i do is make a civilized statement and then smack starts flippin left and right, calm urselves guys go have a coke and a smile or sumthin, jeez
Ashnazg > dont calculate. youre not good in maths :D
Ashnazg > smiling and drinking doesnt work
RnY IX > we can smack, we are undocked
Krozix > Republic Military School from 2009.02.15 16:26 to this day
Krozix > u sure we r lookin at the same guy?
Krozix > lol
Femaref > who did we kill?
Krozix > idk
Femaref > I dunno what you are talking about?
Krozix > some guy
Krozix > said help and u were like “more like welp”
Femaref > we didnt kill him
Krozix > it was funny, but meh
Krozix > oh
Femaref > I thought you’d be talking about your alliance mate
Krozix > ok then nvm
RnY IX > \me close local
Krozix > nope lol
Krozix > bbl \o hope to tangle with u guys soon =)

Act II – Attacking poor & innocent Vexors

Arda waits in front of their station. Some Broadsword warps to them and attacks a Vexor, flashing it’s way around the undock spot.

Ash tries to move out of range but is pointed. The Broadsword desperately tries to break through the poor Vexor’s ‘tank’.

Arda undocks in some battleships and starts pointing and ganking the overly aggressive Broadsword.

Femaref > BOOYA
Femaref > INSTAPOP
RnY IX > lol
RnY IX > looooooooooooool
Femaref > lol
RnY IX > lololol
RnY IX > lololololololol
Tarent Jar > lol

The Broadsword’s decent tank breaks and whole armor and strcture is pierced with one volley.

Triksterism > LEMEM
Triksterism > REPAIR N I FITE U
Triksterism > U DIK PIRET
RnY IX > 1on1
Triksterism > U PK 4 GRIEF?!
Gau Kushman > lol
Gau Kushman > stfui
Gau Kushman > you got ganked
Gau Kushman > at least thats what it sounds like
Gau Kushman > :-)
Ashnazg > he got.
Gau Kushman > well be good pirates and sell him his loot at
Ashnazg > pay us some of it then ^^
Gau Kushman > 10% markup
Gau Kushman > well he has isk so 100% markup
RnY IX > you canr diss my like griefer…
RnY IX > i kill noobpods…I AM A GRIEFER



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